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  • ★ Block Out Loud night breathing and get An excellent Nighttime’s SLEEP ★ with Jourdak’s NEW ThermoFoam Earplugs ★ Perfect for ANY Loud Experience! Hearing Insurance plan Block out the loud noise to give protection to your listening to. Perfect for dozing, construction, concerts, hunting, shooting, snoring, and typical hearing insurance plan
  • ★ NEW Expertise ★ Made with the Very best quality Smooth Foam to make a Sophisticated Healthy that Low priced Ear Plugs Can not deliver. Made of environmentally pleasant and non-toxic PU foam fabric to make sure defense and time for earplugs to extend for a correct healthy. Squeeze, Twist and region in ear. Hold and look forward to 45s or much less. 60 Pairs Per Jar and Suggest to substitute pair each 5 days of use or previously if soiled.
  • ★ Noise Cutting back and Sound Cancelling Earplugs ★ Provide SNR 36db Superb for Dozing, Construction, Concerts, Hunting, Shooting Latitude, Snoring, and typical hearing insurance plan from all kinds of loud exercise.
  • ★ Waterproof Carrying Case Blanketed ★ to hold your earplugs secure, sanitary and far from germs and moisture.
  • ★ Satisfaction Assured ★ We want Satisfied Consumers so Please Contact our Customer Carrier Branch and we will gladly aid you and ensure you’re Satisfied!


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